MIDIator - Remote Music Lessons

Get the best quality for your remote music lesson, Connect with your piano/drum teacher using MIDIator app, and hear them playing through your device! No more quality loss through bad audio in video calls.

What Is MIDIator?

Just as its name suggests, MIDIator works as a mediator between two midi instruments (Electric Pianos, EDrums etc..).
Using MIDIator, students and teachers play notes on their instruments while their partners hear the notes directly from their instruments' speaker.
MIDIator streams midi from one user to the other.

What is it good for?

 In a world that is constantly shifting and evolving, and especially with recent changes to the way people conduct meetings and lessons, there is an ever growing need for a suitable platform to manage musical sessions and lessons.
A Platform which is reliable, easy to use and delivers high quality results.
Say you want to have your piano/drum lesson but are tired of bad sound quality and delays on video meetings. By using MIDIator you’ll be able to hear your Teacher/Students’ performance through your own instruments’ speakers!
All participants hear the others on their own instruments.

Does it cost money?

 For a limited time, MIDIator is free of charge!

What does Beta mean?

Beta means that you are using the 1st version of MIDIator (and it’s GREAT having you here with us!) but it's not the final version to be published.
That’s why we strongly encourage you to send us feedback on any issue or question you might have working with our app.


  • Latency adjustments - Can be set from 100ms to 1500ms. Example of use: If you want to sync the performance with your video calls’ audio.
  • Bluetooth Integration - You can connect your mobile to your laptop using Bluetooth and set it up as a midi device, if so, MIDIator will play the notes directly into your VST at your DAW host.


  • MIDIator does not use any of your private or phone data.
  • MIDIator does not save or keeps any of your private data in any of it's servers nor transfers it to third parties.
  • MIDIator uses only anonymous information, and that information can not be related to you in any way.
  • MIDIator uses your device's Advertising ID for statistical needs only. MIDIator does not transfer this information to any third party. for your information, you can prevent access to your Advertising ID or change it using your device's settings screen.